Finding us

The Nest, Redhill

Pilot’s Building 1, Quarryside Business Park, Thornton Side, Redhill RH1 2LJ The inside of The Nest, labelled with Imagineville to the left, and the lounge and room 2 at the end of a corridor

We are delighted to be a part of this wonderful parenting hub in the Holmethorpe/Watercolour area of Redhill. Brilliant space, loads of free parking* and lots of other fab small businesses using the same building! It’s the permanent home of Imagineville and the local Hartbeeps Hub and there are loads of other services being offered too. Check out The Nest events page to find out what else is going on. We’ll be operating out of Room 2 or the lounge.

Finding us

Entering Watercolour from the Holmethorpe estate, take the first left by the vets after the railway bridge (Thornton Side). If you’ve entered from the Merstham end of Watercolour, Thornton Side is off Canalside on the right after the Tesco Express. A bus stop on Canalside links the area with Redhill, Merstham and Reigate by the 430/435 route. Alternatively, both Redhill and Merstham train stations are a 25 minute walk away.

Once on Thornton Side, pass the Medical Centre and Quarryside will be ahead of you. The Nest is the first, low, white building on your left.

A low white building labelled 'The Nest' with an arrow indicating a car park in front of it.

*Parking (IMPORTANT!)

There should be ample parking in the car park outside The Nest but spaces are not marked out, so please park considerately so that as many cars as possible will fit! There’s lots going on at The Nest so our clients won’t be the only users of the car park. Please don’t park elsewhere on Quarryside as the whole area is private property.

The car park outside The Nest