My first sling library visit

I have recently had a jolt down the sling memory lane whilst sorting through 5 (or 10...) years of accumulated mess and paperwork because of moving house. In the midst of this shredding marathon, I came across my first ever sling library hire form. It took me right back to those early days as a … Continue reading My first sling library visit

Image of a vacuum cleaner head cleaning a blue carpet

Step away from the loo brush

Now that the littlest EastSurreySlinglets are toddlers and less single-mindedly mummy-orientated, Sally and I have started doing home visit consultations. So far, they've all been with families with new babies, and they've been amazing. I LOVE them, for several reasons: Because we come to you, you're on home turf. You're haven't had to conduct the … Continue reading Step away from the loo brush