Our Slings

We have a lot of carriers! If you are completely new to slings and carriers, the main types are explained below, and our catalogue can give you a snapshot of what babywearing options there are, as well as live availability of our stock.

It may help to browse the types of slings before attending a drop-in/clinic or having a home visit, so we can focus our time on getting you carrying with confidence.


Stretchy wraps

  Justifiably popular newborn carriers. Easy to put on once you’ve tried once or twice, you can pre-tie them and leave them on as long as you like, popping baby in and out as required. They’re so soft and cuddly, yet hold delicate little ones snugly and securely. Ideal for up to 5-7 months depending … Continue reading Stretchy wraps

Buckle carriers

Buckle carriers are based on Asian style carriers such as meh dai, with a rectangular body panel but with buckles to secure the straps at the waist and shoulders. There is a wide variety of brands available on the market and they all have a slightly different fit, so one carrier won’t necessarily suit all … Continue reading Buckle carriers

Woven wraps and ring slings

Ring Slings are really simple carriers comprising one length of fabric with rings at one end through which the other is secured to form a loop, which you wear over one shoulder. They take a little practice but can be incredibly simple to use, from longer carries with newborns to quick ‘ups’ with walking toddlers … Continue reading Woven wraps and ring slings

Meh Dais (Mei Tais)

Meh Dais (pronounced meh-dye) are an Asian style of carrier which supports baby with a square body panel, secured on the wearer with waist and shoulder straps which are tied with a simple knot. They are so easy to use and immensely versatile. The simplicity of tying the carrier snugly to your own body means … Continue reading Meh Dais (Mei Tais)