Carrying All Families

We think ALL families should have access to good slings, but sometimes they can be expensive. Families in need can access free sling hire through our Carrying All Families scheme.

Supporting new families and helping them to keep their babies and toddlers close is at the very heart of what we do. Being held often by caregivers has significant physical and psychological benefits for developing little people. As well as facilitating this, slings and carriers can make family life easier for carers, especially in difficult circumstances. However, we know that for lots of families across our area, our normal hire services may be out of reach financially, let alone later sourcing a carrier to buy. We still want those families to experience the powerful benefits of slings, and so we’ve come up with a way to help.

The ‘Carrying All Families’ scheme

How it works

  • Families in receipt of Healthy Start vouchers are eligible for free carrier loans.
  • The scheme applies to any of our slings and carriers. We may occasionally limit hire periods for in-demand items, and offer a swap to an alternative at the end of the hire.
  • Carriers will be loaned for an initial period, (usually 4 weeks) but can be extended for free by getting in touch before the sling is due back.
  • Slings/carriers will only be loaned alongside free fitting and safety information.
  • We encourage families to contact us to discuss what slings might work for them and let us know they’d like to use the scheme.
  • Carriers remain the property of East Surrey Slings.

We recognise that some families may be struggling financially and in need of a sling, but not be in receipt of vouchers. If you are a professional working with families in this situation please contact us about how you can refer them into the scheme.