Meh Dais (Mei Tais)

Meh Dais (pronounced meh-dye) are an Asian style of carrier which supports baby with a square body panel, secured on the wearer with waist and shoulder straps which are tied with a simple knot. They are so easy to use and immensely versatile. The simplicity of tying the carrier snugly to your own body means they fit pretty much every body shape perfectly with no adjustment- ideal for a carrier which will be shared between different carers. They can carry a wide age range and are suitable for use on the front, back and hip.

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A note on terminology: this type of carrier has commonly been referred to as a ‘Mei Tai’ (pronounced may-tie) and there is widespread use of the term Mei Tai within videos and babywearing literature. However, Meh Dai or Bei Dai are updated terms for this type of carrier which respect the Asian origins and a more accurate translation of the traditional carrying style.

With many thanks to Leyla Güler Photography for many of the beautiful sling photos.