Woven wraps and ring slings

Ring Slings are really simple carriers comprising one length of fabric with rings at one end through which the other is secured to form a loop, which you wear over one shoulder. They take a little practice but can be incredibly simple to use, from longer carries with newborns to quick ‘ups’ with walking toddlers with tired legs.

Woven wraps are probably the most versatile of carriers. They can fit all body types and a single sling can carry children ranging from preemies to pre-schoolers. The fabric is designed for carrying loads comfortably and there are myriad ways to wrap them to suit your and your baby’s needs. They do take a little practice because they require you to learn to tighten the fabric securely around you and your baby (you can’t as easily pre-tie as you would a stretchy), but the rewards can be huge if you intend to carry your child a lot over a long period of time. They are also available in an enormous range of beautiful colours, patterns and fabric blends. We have mostly cotton wraps in our library stock, but do ask for more information if you are interested- we both have larger personal collections of varying lengths, brands and blends we will happily show to you.

You can view our full catalogue here; just click on the carrier type you wish to view on the left hand column.

With many thanks to Leyla Güler Photography for many of the beautiful sling photos.